Mixed Media

I build layers on a substrate using paints, charcoal, pencils, inks, pastels , papers, fabrics, photo imagery and more!  The challenge is to make order out of the rich chaos.  The beginning part of the process is visceral–there is pleasure in actively playing and experimenting with the materials.  The development of the work into a finished composition, however, requires both intuitive and analytical responses as the piece speaks to me.


Deconstructed II, Acrylic/Mixed Media, 18"x 24"

Deconstructed II, Mixed Media, 18″x 24″


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Encaustic Art

Patricia Kilburg - Encaustic ArtEncaustic is the art of painting with pigments dissolved in hot wax and then fused with heat.  The word is Greek, meaning “to burn in”.  This process goes back to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, using beeswax, natural resin and pigments.  Today there are modern products and tools to work with, but the beeswax and resin are still used.  It is a gorgeous medium that is extremely versatile.  Techniques include painting, fusing, incising lines and marks, creating texture, adding collage elements, working three dimensionally, and more.  The effects are luminous and beautiful.

Taking Care of Your Encaustic Paintings

Encaustic is highly durable and archival because it seals out moisture and dirt.  The pigments used in the wax are the same pigments used in fine art oils, watercolors and acrylics, but the binder is beeswax and resin (that acts to harden the surface and make it more transparent).  Encaustic paintings should be treated like any fine art, and kept in an environment with a temperature range of 40-120 degrees.  It is recommended that the surface occasionally be buffed with a soft cloth to bring up its natural glossy shine. Click here for a printable PDF.

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Comments from attendees of Patricia’s
demonstrations and workshops

“The warmest of thanks for the fabulous job you did on last night’s program.  The thought, insights, and preparation you put into your presentation confirmed exactly what I expected–you have high standards, tremendous talent, and are a ‘natural’ educator!  I truly appreciate your passion and enthusiasm.”

-Anne Q. Barr, Program Manager, Greenville County Museum of Art

“You did a superb job on your wonderful presentation of encaustic….It was enlightening.”

-Martha R. Severens, Curator, Greenville County Museum of Art 1992-2010

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